About Us

About Us:

The Vision

The visionary spark that launched APPEELZ, the premier LIVE, LOCAL PROMOTIONS phone app, began as many great concepts:  with an unmet need and the desire to make a difference. As business owners themselves, Appeelz Inventors and Founders were all too aware of the limitations and perceived requirement of using the Old School directories.  They recounted numerous times that not only themselves, but colleagues and competitors alike had forked over thousands of dollars to advertise with large directory groups, that provided no track-able results, no flexibility and essentially no way out of their Money Pits.


With all the technological advances, why were businesses stuck in a cycle of paying these Directory Behemoths for ineffectual directory results? Research and experience revealed a painfully simple answer. Millions of Businesses were spending far to much money just to be found all because... they were told to! The expenditures were habitual, familiar, even comforting. What they were not is: cost effective, responsive, flexible, track-able or empowering. Assembling a team comprised of three co-founders, and Programmers on 4 continents, The Appeelz founders began a two-year quest to bring relevancy to a new concept in online directories to empower businesses with tools to attract, adapt and hold consumer interest.  Give the business the ability to be found, and allow them to give the consumer the information that they want.