Where Do You TASTE Whiskey in Dallas, Texas?

06/22/2017 by

TRINITY HALL Irish Pub & Restaurant is THE place to taste whiskey in DFW!

When you want to learn about whiskey who do you ask? Books are nice, YouTube works, but really tasting is the best way and at Trinity Hall Irish Pub in Dallas, we'll show you how to get the most out of every dram!

Whiskey Tasting is not whiskey drinking, its what you do when you find an interesting expression and want to get to know it. So we'll pour your whiskey tableside from a Venturi Spirit aerator creating a plume of aromas where you sit, we'll pour it into a NEAT (Naturally Engineered Aromatic Technology) tasting glass - designed to reduce the ethanol and concentrate the aromas. (80% of taste is smelled)
Then we'll drop some water in to crack the alcohol chain, then we'll taste!

We serve flights, we serve 1/2 drams, we serve over ice, we serve shots - however you like your whiskey we delighted to bring it to you! Come visit us soon, and let us unlock all the delicious flavors we find in whiskies from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Japan, America, Mexico, Canada, most of which should be in stock when you arrive!