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05/18/2015 by

One of our newest members of the team here at Schmidt Family Vineyards!

The impact of Daniel’s efforts are very noticeable.   The grounds here look better than ever!  He can be seen each day pruning, mowing, weeding, raking, you name it!  His skill and the care he shows to all of the outdoor areas means that, as the season progresses, it is more and more breathtakingly beautiful!

Previously an owner of a landscape business that specialized in ponds and water features, I’m sure that at some point he will convince the owners to add one of his creations!

In college Daniel studied Zoology and Science.  He has had a huge variety of jobs from Veterinarian Technician, to working for the USDA.  He has lived in this area since 1997.  He loves his two dogs, Venus & Jupiter!

Welcome to the “Family,” Daniel!

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