Sign up today - It's quick and simple! is proud to announce our award winning directory service which is now available on our Appeelz phone app as well. It boasts tremendous value for business owners and allows them an easy effective dashboard module that the merchant can change at his/her own desire. 

Your directory items are also controlled entirely by you. We have a members interface where you can log in and change any details, add special promotions for potential customers and much more!


Non subscription

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  • A non subscription membership is completely FREE. Just claim your exact business if we already have it in the system, or add your business. Your non subscription membership will only display your business name, phone number and directions are available to your business.

$299 / year

Platinum subscription

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  • $199/ for a 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE, you will need a promo code to purchase it at this discount. Once you have the promo code, the $199 will be all that you pay for an entire year of unlimited digital advertising on the appeelz app and site.
  • Click on the $299 option and at the end of the page, if you have a promo code box and it will deduct $100 from the shopping cart and invoice that you will pay with your secure credit card. Plain and simple, one flat fee PER YEAR of $199 and you have unlimited digital advertising capabilities, or $299 for a 2 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE.
  • And the best thing of all, you control of your content. Appeelz lets you put all of your current promotional items on the app and site all year long. This way, consumers driving by your place every single day can peek into your establishment to see exactly what you are offering with a simple click.
  • You can also post jobs for your business for free. Here is what you get. Business name, 10 images of your business, address, directions, phone, website, email, click to call, text from customer to you, quick deal preview for instant view capability about your deals or specials to nearby consumers, share all of your promotions across all social media, your customers and your employees can share your promotions to everybody in their social media contacts with the click of a button from the app, add your commercials or videos for nearby consumers to watch, add your radio commercials for consumers to listen to. Create you own commercial with your Iphone or Android. Tool box to create and post your own banners, coupons, digital signage. Post jobs by proximity to your location so anybody local to you can always see if you are hiring. Complete dashboard to track who is looking at your business and from where. You can view all of this statistical data from your cell phone in a single easy to view chart with graphics. And so much more. The value to our system is simple. It makes you completely relevant to consumers and now a single place where all of your promotional offers show up in real time instantly.